Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello friends and family, I am so sorry we haven't updated in so long, we will be better. Right now Jason is in Kentucky at a training, he's having a good time, I think this one is more play than work but he deserves every minute of it. I started my first week working, teacher training. I was very nervous but that was wasted effort as I have enjoyed myself completely. I barely know the staff but there is already such a feeling of unity and excitement. Everyone is very committed to make learning fun. Our worry is if our building will be ready, it is still under construction and it will take a miracle to get us in on time. But they profess that many miracles have already happened, so they have faith that it will be done. But we will not have much time to set up the rooms, which is minor, but for me being new I would have loved time to re-arrange the room a few times. The kids are doing well, excited for school to start, so they can see their friends and not be so bored. I love you all and will be better and keeping up.


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