Thursday, March 6, 2008

You may not believe it, (I still don't), but I got a job! It really was an amazing experience, as it just fell into my lap. I will be teaching 2nd grade at American Heritage ( next school year. American Heritage is the school that Erin currently attends and the school Wilson will attend next school year. I have been the room mother for Erin's class and her teacher fell in love with me and told the administration that they needed to hire me. Erin's teacher approached me about it and a month later after thinking hard about it decided to apply and see what would happen. I walked in and the director already had a class picked out for me. I am so excited, Erin and Wilson will both be there all day and my mom will tend Bennett. They gave me some books to read one of them is called 'A Thomas Jefferson Education' which is their teaching theory. I loved it and if you want to learn about it check out the web site . I will also be teaching the middle ages, something I know little about but I'm very excited about learning. But more than anything I am so excited to be at the school with my kids all day.


Kristal said...

Congrats on the new job. That is exciting and it will be fun to be at the same school as Erin and Wilson. We are coming into town the end of April and look forward to seeing your family.

Anonymous said...

that is great!! you know it's right when it just falls into your lap like that! you will do amazing things for those kids!