Thursday, March 20, 2008

Willie Nelsons - 3 and 0

It is official the Willie Nelsons are 3 and 0, and leading the division!! Wednesday night was a blowout of a game. I shared the "keeper" responsibilities with another, so I played the 1st half on the field, and the 2nd half as keeper. Not a bad night for me, chalk me up for 2 assists and only 1 goal scored on me. Final score, Willie Nelsons 12 - Slowroll 5. Here are some pics of the game.

Here I am getting ready for the game, Jeff Quigley - AKA "short willie" behind me.
Our team colors are black, I am adorned in the red goalie shirt - my goalie name - Z WALL!!

Here I am in goal warming up before the game. D. Brophy #1 - AKA Tall Willie, and A. Clark - AKA TORO or Ivanna Willie, taking shots.

Me - AKA Tiny Willie, or OSO (spanish for bear), or Polar OSO, or Z WALL, about to put this poor girl into the wall.....she should have passed it sooner. She sat out most of the game after and some called it a "cheap" shot.....this is America babe, survival of the fittest.

Jenny J. - AKA Zorro, or the Bus Driver because she is about to take this kid to school. Jenny J. was an all MWC player of the year a few years ago when she played for the U of U. She rocks!!!!

I threw this picture in for Ryan. #4 is Amy Maurer, I forget her maiden name, but this is Ryans girlfriend back in middle school!! Jenny J, a bit blurry is in the back ground.


Mindy said...

Tiny Willie... haha I love it!!! I now want to join an indoor soccer league. Not so much for the game or the excercise... I want a cool name like Z Wall.

Kristal said...

Z Wall...Classic, Rich & Compelling!!! You are the man. However 1 Goal scored is unacceptable in my book, next time no mercy for the weak. Just remember my words for your next game..."It's not worth winning if you can't win big!"