Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jason Life Catch Up

I talked to Christian on the phone yesterday and got in some trouble for not keeping up on my life on the blog. He had no idea of some of the things I was doing in my life, so this post will cover a few.
Most are aware that I was promoted to be the Director of the West Valley City Police Crime Lab back in November – the same week I went to Denver to visit Christian and Kristal. The job has been GREAT, and I am learning a lot. I have found there are a lot of administration duties to do and it keeps me from doing case work. I love case work, and still assign myself a few cases a month. I also still take a week of on call. Work is pretty busy, we get slammed with drug cases and property cases, and we are still working 3 homicide cases. Those always take a lot of time.
In December I was contacted by the Salt Lake City School District and asked to teach 2 classes for them. I accepted and started to teach in January. I am teaching a Forensic Science class at the Career and Technical Center (CTC), which is located on the SLCC campus on 1500 South State Street. Students from East, West and Highland are bussed to the school for the class. The SLC School District is on “A” and “B” days, so I teach every other day from about 9:00am to Noon. WVC is good to let me take time off to go and teach, but I have to make up the time I am gone. So typically the days I teach I get into work around 6:00 (yes Christian that is “O-600” in the morning) and then leave for school, return to work and work until around 8:30 pm. It makes for a long day, but it is a lot of fun.
Amber made the post that she will be teaching 2nd grade next year at American Heritage, and they asked if I would come and teach a Forensic Class for the school also next year.
My company, Law Enforcement Training Consultants – or LETC, is doing well also. I have an “Advanced Crime Scene Academy” next week, and then a “Basic Crime Scene Academy” in April. These trainings are fun but a lot of work to put together. They take a lot of time and preparation to get ready. You can find out more info about the classes on my website –
Throw a wife and 3 kids and a church calling and indoor soccer into the mix and you can see I stay pretty busy.

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Kristal said...

Is that 0600 in the morning Sir? I love the post. Sounds like you're a hard man to find between all that and "Touring with the Stones".