Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wilson McKay Cole

Wilson is our gift of Hope! He has taught our family so much. Most of you are aware that Wilson was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Autism) shortly after he turned 3 years old. Wilson will turn 5 on June 30th. The past, almost 2 years, have been a roller coaster for Amber and I. Wilson has been attending Kids World Pre-School the past year and has been doing remarkably well. His teacher, Mr. Brandon, is WONDERFUL - and has helped Amber and I so much. Life can be very challenging raising and dealing with a child with a disability and yet at the same time bring so many blessings and so much joy. There is nothing greater for me then when this cute little boy looks me in the eyes and says, "I love you daddy!" and I know that he now understands what he is saying and that he does love me and is able to express it. Wilson shares a room with Bennett and sleeps on the top bunk. He loves to read books, and is great at sounding out letters and words. The other day while we were driving he began counting and I was happy to see that he made it all the way to 100!!! He also loves to play the game "I spy" and it is adorable to hear him say when it is his turn, "I spy whif my widdle eye, whif some ping" and then names a color. Wilson also loves to play with Cabo, and the poor dog is great to put up with all the wrestling and abuse from 2 full of energy boys.

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