Monday, February 18, 2008

Bennett Maxwell Cole

Sweet little Bennett is such a joy in our family. He is at a very fun age, when we say it is time for prayer he always folds his arms, when we ask what song he wants to sing he always says Pop Pop (Popcorn Popping). He loves to throw things away in the garbage can (including things that shouldn't be thrown away - uh oh). He loves to be chased, and if he gets outside he goes running and keeps checking back every now and then to make sure your following him. He loves his Grandma Murphy more than anyone, (except maybe his blanket and binki), he also wrestles with Cabo the dog everyday. He wants more than anything to be big and play with Erin and Wilson. He trys his hardest to keep up and they are good sports and let him tag along. But the funniest thing about Bennett is his cooking skills, he uses every form of communication that he has (screaming, pointing, grunting, climbing, ect) to get a pan and a wooden spoon. He drags over a chair and then 'cooks' on the stove. On occation he will get the salt and pepper shakers or other spices to add to his pans. If he's not on the stove he then is on the floor with every pan and lid tring them on to find a good fit. He walks around the house with oven mits on, which is so funny because they cover his entire arms, carrying a cookie sheet with assorted items. Two Sunday's ago at dinner at Grandma Murphy's house we were sitting down for dinner and then we smelled this horrible smell. She had turned on her oven to broil garlic bread without checking the oven first. Bennett had put a plastic toy frying pan in the oven with toy food in it. It had melted down the three racks on all over the bottom of the oven.

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